OBS Broadcasting Software and SpeedFusion Cloud

I’m looking for a solution for mobile broadcasting. I’ve seen a number of old posts in this forum and in other forums about OBS not working reliably with Pepwave modems and SpeedFusion Cloud.

That said, it sounds like there’s been updates to the firmware and new devices like the Pepwave Max Pro. I’m wondering if there’s anyone who is now able to use OBS successfully and reliably from various locations? (I’ll be using OBS on a Mac).

My alternative is to use LiveU, but I’d prefer to go the Pepwave route if it’s a viable alternative and reliable with OBS.

Thanks for your feedback!

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+1 Also interested if anyone has any knowledge on this topic

Hello, Jack…
I am from Brazil…
I tested LiveU and SmartU, for a project with a TV network. Both worked well, using TST-DUO-PRO + BR1-mini (synergy). Both are LTE-A (4G+)
The tests carried out were concentrated in FusionHub (SPO) and datacenter. No issues.