NTRIP client as GPS Forwading option


I have a couple of customers that use NTRIP Server to receive GPS data from NTRIP Clients. But I cant figure out how to send the GPS data with the current GPS Forwarding options in the BR1. it looks like the NTRIP Server doesnt accept or recognize the GPS data that the BR1 sends.

I’ve seen some other LTE routers that have a NTRIP Client builtin but I rather not put links to competitors on here.

Let me know what you think.

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Dylan van Elst

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This is interesting. Look like NtripClient is mandatory in order to communicate with NtripCastor for transfering the GPS data.

Anyone has the some request you are welcome to post your request here for the team to take consideration.



We had several customers that are interested in BR1 mini’s with a build in Ntrip client to receive RTK corrections.
Some other brands offer units with a build-in NTRIP Client.
Need to be able to enter the IP address of the server, port, username and password.

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We are selling RTK systems and really need a built in NTRIP client in order to use Pepwave for all customers. Feel free to email if you need more information.


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