NTP Server Feature Requests

Hey guys. Thanks for adding this feature to the products. It’s a great addition.
I have started this thread as an area to centralise feature requests for the NTP Server function as I have seen a few requests on different threads so please add your requests below.

I’ll start with the first request
One of our clients is involved in evidence gathering and thus needs a way of verifying that the time is synchronised correctly. Currently this is done by the field operator calling in to the ops centre and verbally checking. Would it be posable to have this done automatically in InControl2 with a history of when and how the time was verified?
e.g. 1400 - GPS NTP Server of device ABCD-ABCD-ABCD verified against NTP Server europe.pool.ntp.org - Time accurate (server to be verified against could be manually set to an internal server to).
There could also be a column at the group level of NTP Server status which display red, orange or green and text as in Verified GPS or Unverified NTP Server


I have also had some feedback from partners and end users. Two features have been requested;

  1. The ability to have two timezones e.g. one on UTC for all equipment so all equipment is on UTC regardless of location and a second manually set time zone for enduser equipment which would be the local time zone
  2. The ability to change a time zone at a set time. On ships, they will set a time when they change time zone e.g. at 9pm tonight we will put the clocks back an hour as the vessel has moved further west.

Two more requests have come in;

  1. Currently all times are shown as GMT. They would like to include UTC as well or define BST (and other daylight savings timezones) separately. I know UTC is not time zone, rather a time standard so it might be cleaner to just add (or define) the DST time zones.
  2. Ability to define a secondary or backup timeserver. Peplink is all about redundancy and reliance so having a second time server defined makes sense.
    Thank You