NTP consistantly inconsistant

I see ntp work then fail then work again. Over and over for weeks now. Can the Max perform the ntp sync less often?

I have similar issues with both my Balance One and Balance 30. It seems to always fail, and then 5 minutes later it finally succeeds. It seems that the first NTP server is always broken and then 5 minutes later it goes to a secondary server and succeeds. I believe the NTP servers are hardcoded in the firmware and are hosted by Peplink. Does the Peplink folks see these errors on their server side?

They aren’t hard coded. From the web admin goto System, Time You can edit your NTP server. Mine is set to a local UC schools Stratum 2 server. -Bill

Oh, I have a max transit, so I actually don’t know if you have those settings like mine does. And you also gave me an idea, I should just try a different ntp server.