Novice Needs urgent help please

Having great trouble with BT Broadband in (UK) top speed 3mbs sharing with 8 others it drops to walking pace
So purchased Huawei B593 Mobile with 3 mobile getting speeds upto 20mbs GREAT!
Now purchased Peplink 380 hoping to either balance the two ISP or swop when BT drops away
But struggling to setup 380 been reading and reading manual, but not really getting anywhere so had to remove Huawei and use away from 380 to get working.
This is setup LAN with 13 clients Server on
Peplink 380
BT Router
Huawei B593
All on same subnet mask
The most success I’ve had is by setting up BT Router in drop in mode
Then added Huawei manually but could not Ping Huawei or connect
Any help would be gratefully received

Hello riscatto,

If I am understanding this correctly you have two different devices providing connectivity. If that is the case, each of these devices providing a WAN link should be configured on a different network leading to the Balance 380.

Proposed configuration:
1.) BT Router: /24 ( The network here would be: 192.168.10.x with a gateway of
2.) Huawei B593: /24 ( The network here would be 192.168.20.x with a gateway of
These links would attach to the Balance 380 on two different WAN ports respectively.

Attach your internal network to the LAN port(s) of the Balance 380 and setup the network for the LAN /24 ( The network here would be 192.168.50.x with a gateway of

The outbound policy is where you setup how you would like traffic routed over the available links.
If you would like assistance setting up the Balance and associated WAN connections feel free to contact the establishment you purchased the Balance 380 from or our support team directly.
If desired, you can open a support ticket here.

Thank you riscatto, I hope this helps get you started in the correct direction. Have a great day!

Thanks very much Jeffrey, will try that set up in the morning as everybody is busy at the moment,
I did think that the routers had to have their own network as per some diagrams on the manual pdf although it doesn’t actually tell you that?
Thanks again as things get pretty desperate here speedwise, hoping the 380 will level it out
Kind Regards & Thanks again

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