Novice ? DHCP fr Balance 20 w SurfSoho WifiWan

I am utilizing a Surf Soho as a WiFi extender using its WiFi as Wan capabilities. Its SSID is unique to it so clients connect and get a 192.168.50.x address. However the Balance 20 which serves the rest of the LAN is on 192.168.3.x . Is there a way to get the Surf Soho to pass through DHCP requests so its clients can exist on the same LAN as the Balance 20?
The WAP connected to the Balance 20 is an AP-OneAX and the SURF is connected WiFi as WAN on the 5 Ghz radio. The clients connect to the SURF on the 2.4.

The SOHO is a router without bridging capability, so you can’t transparently bridge/extend the original LAN on the Balance 20 through to the LAN of the SOHO.

Whats the end goal? What doesn’t work as it is? Are you trying to give devices on the SOHO LAN access to devices on the Balance 20 LAN perhaps?

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My end goal is to give devices on the SOHO LAN access to resources on the Balance 20 LAN.
What about using point to point PepVPN?
I found this as a possible solution:

P2P PepVPN would let you configure a layer 2 VPN and extend the balance 20 LAN to the SOHO but bandwidth would be throttled by the VPN capabilities of the SOHO which is limited to 40Mbps.

A likely better approach would be to disable NAT on the SOHO wifi wan and add a static route on the balance 20 so it knows how to reach the 192.168.50.x network. But I don’t have a SOHO here to check if you can put a SOHO Wifi WAN radio into IP forwarding mode (you can on the wired ports).

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For this application the bandwidth would be adequate.
I will try that first.
Thanks Martin.

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The likely better approach is what’s left because P2P PepVPN won’t work with one point behind the router as the other point.
I am not knowledgeable enough to implement disabling NAT and adding static route to Balance 20.
I promised myself I wouldn’t ever kludge together a solution but after a renovation this fall I will not need an extender as I will be able to better place the primary WAP.