Novaland – Estate Agent Branch Networking

Novaland, one of the most prestigious real estate investment agencies in Asia is in need of a reliable Hybrid WAN approach between their offices, branches and showrooms.

Previously they’d been relying on MPLS in order to provide file hosting, ERP, accounting and other apps across the company. While MPLS is generally reliable, monthly costs is incredibly high especially when establishing a large network between offices and sites. While MPLS is reliable, Novaland had to acknowledge that it is also their single point of failure- should the connection fail, their entire network would go down leading to lost business. In their quest for a fail-safe network, they decided they would employ Hybrid WAN link redundancy via leased lines, fiber (FTTX) and DSL. This would have to be cost-effective and provide a 100% up time.

Novaland decided to use the Peplink Balance series and deployed them across all company premises. Their headquarters house a pair of Balance 710 running in High Availability mode for hardware redundancy and bonded 7 WAN links for bandwidth and connection resiliency. At the branches and showrooms, they installed a mix of Balance 305, Balance 380 and Balance 580 and use up to 3 WAN links to form a private SpeedFusion connection – our WAN Virtualization technology – back to headquarters.

The resulting network has a much higher bandwidth from the bonded connections and is fail-safe as connections can seamlessly take over in the event of a connection failure. It’s also future-proofed and scalable as it’s easy to add branches to the network especially with InControl 2’s configuration cloning. For Novaland, it’s also important that they achieve all of this in a cost-effective way ($5.65/Mbps vs $26.7/Mbps). And the Peplink Balance series has made this possible.

“Peplink is the perfect solution for Always-on Internet access. We are replacing all our equipment with Peplink devices for load balancing and VPN bonding at our branches. It’s amazing how stable and easy to use they are.” -Phong Nguyen, IT Manager. Novaland.