Notification for new firmware availability?


Is there a way to be emailed or somehow automatically notified if a new firmware is available?

This would be preferable to periodically having to login to the admin console and manually check.


Hello trans,

We do post an announcement in the forums when firmware goes into GA.


Is there a way for me to subscribe so I get notified?


You can only subscribe once an article has been published.

When the last 7.1.0 was announced it did have a firmware tag. So you may want to try adding the firmware tag to your watched Tags in your Preferences. But this will cause any posts that are tagged with “firmware” to notify you.


This is not optimal. It should be easier to notify users of firmware upgrades. The regular firmware updates were a big reason I purchased this router, and it’s pretty disappointing there is no easy way to be notified when a new firmware is released.


How about a firmware mailing list?
With the ability to select GA or Beta & GA notifications


That would be perfect


Folks, we already provide this sort of news, beta firmware availability, and any other new product launch information via our email newsletter.

We also cross-promote those items here on the forum to give people multiple places to engage and to provide feedback or questions on each item.