"Notes" Sub-Tab Under "System" Tab


Hey Guys,

I was wondering if you could implement a “Notes” sub-tab under the “System” tab. This would be nice to write in small notes such as the model, IP assigned of Switches, AP’s, Intercom Devices, IP cameras, ATA’s, Servers, etc. We assign all of these types of devices statically outside of our DHCP ranges.

It would be cool and convenient to just go to that tab to make a quick look up, especially for new techs.




Just to check the devices manage under IC2 ? You can add such notes using IC2 at the device level setting.


This is definitely awesome and going forward we are planning on using InControl2 for everything going forward and also selling each device with the extended 2 year warranty. But we have so many in the field that have expired their warranty and will take a ton of time and effort to upgrade and then link to InControl2.

Having a notes tab would be awesome help on the device itself but I understand if it is worth it at this point in time.