Not even close to 100Mbs on WAN interface of Peplink 310

Good day everyone!

I wonder if there are owners of PepLink 310 balancer who achieve speeds closer to 100Mbs on one of the WAN interfaces, as advertised in Peplink spec?

My balancer is a few months old, firmware 5.3.12 build 1559

I have 3 internet links


When I plug my laptop straight into the fibre router, I get 89-95 Mbps. However, when I plug the same laptop into the load balancer LAN port with nothing else connected to LAN ports, the maximum I get is 53Mbps

WAN3 port speed is set at 100Mbps FD, advertised. I tried setting to Auto – no difference.

On the diagnostic page I see a few errors (see the attachment) but not many. I also found a few posts here where other users couldn’t get anything closer to 100Mbps

I wonder if that is achievable at all? If so, what could be slowing it down?

Please confirm you have a current generation Balance 310, does it have a USB port on the front of it?

Tim, thanks for the hint! I don’t have a USB prot on the front, so I suspect this means I have the old version of hardware capable of 50Mbps throughput only. I can understand that now.

What I don’t understand is why that model was still on sale! I purchased it from our ISP in the UK in September 2012. Before placing and order I checked the spec on Peplink website and it said 310 -can do 100Mbps, so I bought it! How was I supposed to know that there could be different versions of the hardware? The box had a shipment label confirming that it had been shipped from Peplink in Hong Kong recently, so PepLink was still flogging the outdated kit. This is really misleading. It feels like I’ve been cheated

Hi Inventica, you should follow up with your ISP on this. We haven’t sold or shipped the old version in over two years now. I have a feeling they had it on their shelf for a while before selling it to you. They probably didn’t even realize it was an old version…