Not connecting to a wifi network

I recently purchased a Pepwave MAX Transit 5G Router and Peplink Maritime 20G Antenna, and am setting it up for the first time in a marina. Even though the signal strength is -54dBm, it isn’t connecting, it’s continuously “Scanning”. Is there a setting I’m missing that’s preventing it from connecting? I was able to connect to my wifi network at home, so I know it’s able to connect.

May I know the Transit 5G is running the latest firmware version - 8.2.1? If not, please give a try.

I updated the firmware but it hasn’t changed the situation.

@Graham_Blundell : Your equipment is first-class and @TK_Liew 's advice is always good. May I offer an additional suggestion?

  1. Turn off wi-fi (LAN-side – not WAN) from the dashboard.
  2. Connect your computer to the router via ethernet cable.
  3. Retry the marina wi-fi.
    Any luck? Let us know. If that does not work we’ll proceed further.

Let us know what happens, but in my experience, setups like tengointernet are problematic. I can usually connect to 20%-30% of the systems