Not can see pepwave on Peplink interface

When we plug pepwave on peplink. I not see it on my computer(peplink interface). I reset my pepwave, but the problem not solved. What I suppose to do?

Do you mean that when you connect the WAN of a MAX router into the LAN of a Peplink router you can’t see it in Status > Client List on the Peplink?

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when I connect the Pepwave AP in Peplink router, I do not see the status of
Pepwave in the dashboard> AP check information. the model of my pepwave is
"AP One 300M"

What Peplink router are you using?

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I use Peplink balance 30, but now I have another pepwave model (Pepwave AP
One AC mini (APO-AC-MINI)), he work normally


I want to now what I can do to my old pepwave.(AP One 300M)


AP One 300M should able to be manage by the AP controller (B30) as it still support the latest firmware. Please make sure the both B30 & AP One running latest firmware. You can download the latest firmware & release notes by using the following URL:

If you still not able to make it work, please contact Peplink local partner for assistance.

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