Non responsive Peplink 20

I did a reboot of my Peplink 20 today. After it restarted, I had lost all internet access. I was also unable to access the peplink’s web interface anymore. I’ve since followed the instructions to do a factory reset, and still cannot get into the web interface.

At this point:
the status light is green
I have my mac hooked up directly to a LAN port on the peplink and have not hooked anything else up to the peplink.
The mac is not getting an IP address from the peplink and instead is self assigning one.
I’ve tried setting the mac up manually at, with subnet and router of still cannot access web interface. am able to ping it though.
Is the peplink somehow dead?
any way to resurrect it?
What should I try next?


I would create a support ticket and one of the technical support team members will be able to assist you. You can create a ticket here: