Non-commercial vpn solution?

I have a Balance 30 for home use and I’m using a Witopia Cloakbox on my LAN for secure vpn and the U.S. IP address. The Cloakbox is on its last legs and before I order another I want to see if anyone knows of a an equivalent solution that would allow me to use my Peplink Balance 30 as the vpn client, reducing my hardware needs. I know there are other vpn service providers that you can use with off the shelf hardware but I want to make sure it will work with the a Balance before I sign up. Thanks.

As a followup, it seems adding the Balance 30 to my LAN has had an adverse effect on my VPN performance to the point of making it unusable. Can anyone tell me if there are any settings or tweaks I can apply to fix this? Here is my layout:

LAN (gigabit switch) <–> Witopia Cloakbox (OpenVPN) <–> Peplink Balance 30 <–> 2 WAN connections (4G and DSL)