Noise of new products

Hi – it’s me again. :slight_smile: I previously asked about the super-noisiness of my 390 here:

It looks like you guys have some new products that would be a little slower but adequete for my needs. I noticed on the comparisons that the 20/30 is a smaller and lighter than the 210/310, and they draw the same amount of power. Now for the million dollar question:

Is the 20/30 quieter than the 210/310 or do they have the same noise rating? Are they quieter than the 390?

(By the way, very cool to see you using bbPress here. I’m the co-founder of WordPress and wrote the first versions of bbPress.)

Hi Matt, glad to see you again! The 20/30/210/310 are all completely quiet because they don’t have a fan!

If their throughput is enough for you, I am sure you’ll like them.

(Thanks for the wonderful bbPress software!)

Awesome, the 310 is on its way. Looking forward to a much quieter house.

Out of curiosity, where do the throughput ratings come from? Is the limit in the CPU or some other factor of the hardware, or is it something imposed by the software?

Unsolicited feedback: there’s a big hole between the 310 and 380 (50mbps to 170mbps) – I understand why this makes sense on the high end (710 to 1350) from a price discrimination standpoint, but not as clear why it couldn’t be smoother on the consumer/SMB side of things.

It is especially confusing given that the 210 and 310 are listed as “Next Generation Broadband Ready” which is listed as “Balance with a throughput of more than 50Mbps will have enough capacity to load balance your new next generation broadband connection such as FiOS, U-verse, DOCSIS 3.0 (Extreme 50), along with your old connections.”

I also ordered a Balance 30 to do my own throughput tests (it’d be really nice to have the 3G fallback which the 210/310 don’t have) but it’d be good to have the official word.

The ratings are derived from the actual performance (combination of sw and hw) and not limited by software.

Thanks for your feedback on the product lineup. Both of which are very good points and we will definitely consider them in future product planning.

Thank you.

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