No Wireless Mesh Enable Setting

I am trying to manually configure an AP mesh on a Surf SOHO MK3 and two AP One AC Mini HW2 access points. The Surf SOHO has 8.1.3 build 5030 firmware and the access points both have 3.9.0 build 1067 firmware, so I think I have everything is up-to-date and should support setting up an AP mesh. I am trying to follow the steps in: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

When I get to the step: “a) Navigate to AP > Mesh and add a profile as described in the router section, you also need to check the enable box on this profile.” I have a problem because I can define a mesh name, pick a frequency and set a shared key, but there is no Enable box on the GUI that I get on either the Surf SOHO MK3 or the AP One AC Mini HW2. What am I doing wrong?

Hi John,

The Enable button only appear on AP firmware 3.6 series.
For Soho MK3 and AP One AC Mini hw 2 (fw 3.9.0), you can enable the Mesh Profile in AP->Settings in the step b).


Thanks, Lewis. I had already set that assuming that it would enable the AP mesh, but I do not see that happening. I have two APs set up the same, one with a wired connection to the Surf SOHO and the other with only Wifi connectivity. I can connect to the non-wired AP, but get no hop to the router, either directly or via the wired AP. I also see no additional Wifi signals with a analyzer. Should the mesh name appear as a Wifi SSID when I scan the signals with the analyzer? I have used a couple of different methods of scanning, so I am confident that if there were there. BTW, I also don’t see that “Integrated AP: Wi-Fi Operating Mode” selection option at the bottom of the GUI on my Surf SOHO router. Was that screen shot from a Surf SOHO MK3?

The Mesh ID is for interconnecting between wired and mesh AP. You will not able to scan the Mesh ID with a WIFI scanner. I suggest contacting your point of purchase if you need further assistance in configuring the Mesh.