No WiFi with Max Transit


I bought a CAT 18 Max Transit for my boat and it won’t connect to any WiFi source. I’ve tried to get a connection using two routers at home and one at the marina and it will not connect to any of them. Connecting via cell is not a problem.

I’ve been working with MobileMustHaves tech support for this problem since Jan 24 with no success. They opened a ticket with Peplink a week ago (21020190). Since then there has been no info or contact from Peplink and no way I can find to contact them, except through this forum.

I use this router to monitor systems and conditions on my boat among other things. I had to remove it because any time I needed to tweak a setting on my end, it was a two-hour turnaround to the boat and back. So it’s currently at home, on line via cell connection and inControl enabled. With deep-freezing weather coming up, I really need to get the router back on the boat and the monitoring systems restored.

Hoping someone from Peplink sees this and can tell me when they can address my problem.


Alexander McLeod

Hi Alexander
Our support team had a look at your device this morning and updated the support ticket. Please check it now as they found the issue.

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Are you connecting to a private marina wifi system or a public hotspot?

Do you mind sharing the fix that Peplink proposed?

Thanks, Sam. I’ll check it this afternoon. What was the issue?

And do I need to reinstall the latest firmware?

Yesterday, Peplink focused on my issue through InControl and the CAT 18 was able to connect to my home WiFi. It still will not connect to marina WiFi. MMH believes the marina’s encryption is the issue and I will see if they’re agreeable to upgrading it.

I asked Peplink what they did to solve the home connection problem and whether I need to upgrade firmware. So far, I have received no response.

what encryption is the marina system using?

Straight WPA from what I can ascertain.