No use while in motion

hi Team, I just received a question whether or not a Pepwave had the ability to go into a standby mode while the device was in motion.

The case is a truck driving company wanting to make sure their drivers are not able to use the routers with cellular service while in motion which could lead to insurance liability issues in case of an accident.

I’m sure we could make this a feature, but I don’t believe it can at this moment. Maybe 8.2 feature rollout :slight_smile: ?


An interesting idea. Maybe a motion based schedule so that different outbound policies firewall rules could be applied when in motion? That way onboard CCTV and IoT sensors could still send images / data but user devices could be blocked.


Nice idea.
A few thoughts about this:
-motion can only be detected by changing GPS information.
-events can be fired with geo fence
-every time the vehicle leaves a fenced position means motion
-in case of motion we can set outbound policies to reject access to external destinations.
A clever driver may unplug the antenna to go araound a restriction.


From a risk perspective, does not seem that restricting the Pepwave would be a valid control or eliminate risk.

They can still use the cellular service on their devices directly, right?

I dont think an accident investigation is going to care where the internet was coming from. Will care that the driver was using a device.

Couldnt then cell companies be proven liable for accidents while drivers are using their cellular networks?

Seems some better ideas might be training, drivers signing a policy around acceptable use of devices while driving, in cab cameras to monitor the drivers, punishment for not following policy, etc.