No Unlock Key for Balance 20


I just purchased a Balance 20 from Amazon. I have it connected to a workstation to get it properly configured and I wanted to upgrade the firmware to v6.x. I have registered the device and properly registered it as a Balance 20, with a warrantee expiration date of Dec 30, 2015. Unfortunately, there is no unlock key anywhere under manage devices. Also, it’s only giving me access to 5.x firmware downloads.

This is very confusing. Can anyone help?



I tried the InControl2 route and that system gave me an unlock key. Like a previous poster, I was hesitant to do so, because I have no intention of giving away they keys to my LAN to an online service. However, you don’t actually need to connect your router to InControl2 to deal with the warrantee information and I was able to get the unlock key without having to ever connect my router to the internet.

You guys should fix your online system to properly give the keys, because the InControl2 system clearly had better software. The documentation is confusing. You might avoid more problems if you clearly state that one can use InControl2 just to manage warrantee/unlock keys.


Please refer here for better understanding of getting unlock key from InControl2. Thus this is normal and the unlock key only available for your registered account.

This is well heard. Thank you for your feedback. We will take care of this. :slight_smile: