No PPOE service detected

Hi All,

We are using Peplink 380 and encountered the following issue with the connection.

It has 3 WAN ADSL links and the profiles are configured like this:

WAN 1 - ADSL PPPoE connected
WAN 2 - ADSL PPPoE connected
WAN 3 - Peplink performs the PPPoE connection

(Dashboard shows β€œ No PPPoE service detected ” - as it can be seen in the attached snip)

From the screenshot, look like no response from the PPPoE service connection.

May I know the firmware version running for your device ? Beside that, do you tested dial direct the PPPoE connection via a PC ? Will it work from your PC ?

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Hi Peplink Team,

Sorry for the late reply.

Dial direct from my laptop, it works. We have 2 unit of Peplink 380 configured as High Availability failed over. We have gone haywire last night in order to bring the WAN 1 up.

Eventually we reset to factory settings, reconfigured PPPoe, and disabled the HA feature. It works.



This is more like support case and it’s not easy to work this via forum. Do you purchase the device via Peplink local partner ? If yes, please contact Peplink local partner for assistance. They should able to help you to identify the root cause.

If you not sure who to contact, please open a support ticket here and Peplink support team will able to link you to the correct partner to work on this.