No need to set VLAN IP address

Hi Team,

one of our Customers needs to send some of their traffic through Balance 30 LAN port, using it as a simple, managed switch. On the way out of the B30 we have to remove the VLAN frame so we set the port type to Access.
Do do so, we firstly have to create a VLAN with the same ID in Network settings and unfortunately also set an IP address.

Currently we bypass this problem by putting some out-of-range IP address, but it would be a lot easier if we didn’t have to do so.
I know this is rather a switch feature, but current solution is a bit irritating the Customer.

Please take this feature under consideration.


I think it is not appropriate to make use the Balance 30 as managed switch. It is designed for small office. It switching capacity is not comparable with the real switch.



Well, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have to :wink:
I guess that if all ports are 1Gb, than the switching capacity should be over 4Gbps.

Hi TK,

I need to request this feature again for a different purpose.
Say, we use L2 as a trunk to transfer multiple VLANs across a PepVPN tunnel and need to use one of them in an access mode. To set a port in an access mode, I must create a VLAN with the same ID and assign an out-of-range IP so that my device is inaccessible from this network. It would be much easier if I just could create a VLAN and set an IP address “as none”.