No nearby APs in Balance 20x and firmware 8.1

When I look at: AP -> Controller Status -> Nearby Devices I see no nearby APs. There are many nearby SSIDs detected by assorted WiFi scanning apps. The router is not controlling any APs, just using its own internal WiFi.

What am I missing or what don’t I understand? Thanks.


Just a quicks check for our labs Balance 20x and i can see the Nearby detected APs and Station info.

Do you mind to share your WIFI AP settings here ? Just want to isolate the possible issue.

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Remote Access is enabled. Feel free to see for yourself at any time. The only active SSID is on 5GHz only. If you want to enable 2.4GHz for that SSID, as a test, feel free.

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So, today it is working and SSIDs are being shown. Did you change something?

Yes, @Michael234. I have updated the finding via ticket #20090881 few days ago.

I had enabled nearby network detection on all my APs (2x minis and B20x)… but noticed the AP minis were detecting each other’s and the B20x SSIDs that they all share in common.

The B20x seems to filter out its own known SSIDs and only flagged neighboring APs.

Bug? Or nearby detection feature meant to only run off 1 main AP?

For now I have disabled the nearby detection on the AP minis and only left it on for the B20x AP.