No IPv6 for Peplink Balance 20?

I’ve just skimmed an article on IPv6 and realized I don’t have time right now to understand all the security implications.

I have no need of IPv6 at the moment, so the simplest thing for me to do is disable IPv6 in my router.

My router is a Peplink Balance 20 with firmware 5.3.12 build 1303.

I cannot find any human interface to configure IPv6 for this router. It’s fine with me if this router does not support IPv6 at all. I just want to know for certain.

Please confirm.

IPv6 support starts on firmware 5.4 which will be released on Tuesday.

That is why you find no IPv6 option on your Balance 20 with firmware 5.3. Even if you want to upgrade to firmware 5.4, you will be given the option to uncheck IPv6 easily on the web admin page.

So either way, there is no IPv6 security implication you need to worry about right now.