NO IP from ORANGE FRANCE LTE Connections

Actually the device it SFECAM almost equal to a MAX DUO Firmware 8.01 and below. May you find it helpful:

In the case your LTE Connection run in a endless waiting for getting IP from Orange France ISP. Check your SIM set-up of APN !
This is normally in AUTO Mode - so the device pick-up APN orange user orange pass orange, but this is not the right APN selection, please change to manual mode and set the APN as follows:
APN = Pass: orange User: orange
Set simple “.fr” is missing in the Auto mode and the system can not log-in. Note: if you have change the APN please reboot the SFECAM or MAXDUO,


HI I’m having similar issues with a BR1 setup in Japan, we have an LTE 4G SIM card which works fine in a phone, but will not get an IP address when in the modem… any thoughts ideas ?
Softbank is the carrier.


Hi Chopper007,

My first thought is that that SIM card is not on the right data plan. Most routers require a SIM to be on an M2M plan, which are typically a bit more expensive. Cellular carriers will block traffic if a SIM on a phone plan tries to pass traffic from a router. I would check with Softbank.

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