No-IP, best configuration for server on local network?


We have a 2-WAN network based on a Balance One. It is working great and now we are polishing some aspects. For example, within our local network there is a W2012 server our workers connect to through RDS when out of office. It currently publishes its “address” through no-ip service which checks connection at a 4 minutes interval. I have seen the possibility to configure no-ip as a provider under each network on the Balance configuration.

My question is… how do I configure this (if it is better doing it instead of leaving as is) using my Balance?. Currently both WAN are up and connected but one is acting as backup through outwards traffic policy (to keep 3G alive I could not use regular backup connection) so if I use this I will probably “confuse” the no-ip service… Is there a convenient way to do this or it is better to leave as is?.

Thanks in advance,


Hi kankamuso,

If I understand your question properly the use of the FQDN associated with the server is for remote users to connect. The IP being resolved by DDNS for the users to establish their VPN connection profiles on their machines using the FQDN for the VPN profile.

If you were to use the DDNS configurations with both WAN links active in the Balance you would need to use two different host names (FQDN) one for each WAN link as they cannot both be associated with the same host name. The users connecting remotely would then need two profiles, or manually change the host name within the same one if the link is down, so that if/when the preferred WAN link is down they can establish the VPN to the other WAN link.

If you elect to use the Balance as fail-over only, with one of the WAN links in stand-by, a single host name could be used for both the of the WAN links as only one would be active at any given time.

Thank you kankamuso, I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot. This is more or less what I expected so I will leave my systems as they are now.

Great support guys!