No internet, no bill received

So l usually have my bill taken out each month near the beginning through PayPal. I went to use the internet and realized it isn’t working and I never had my bill taken out. Any ideas on what to do or who to contact? Thank you.

Peplink only makes your router, they are not your carrier/ISP.


Any ideas on who the provider is? I bought a SIM card from AT&T and they know nothing about it.
My PayPal payments go to something called “Envision”. I don’t know who to call about this because I’m not sure where to even try haha.

@JasonHilton is correct, of course. Did you buy the data plan at the same time as your router? If so then it’s easy – call that organization for help. Alternatively (and this may be a better suggestion …), peruse the Forum here. Quite a number of users have discussed pre-paid data plans from AT&T. Some are fairly priced and have received good reports fro the users.

Did you buy the router from Mobile Must Have? Envision is their “data partner” or at least was a year ago when I bought a router from MMH and a plan referred by them.

I cancelled it long ago but my old PayPal transactions show an email address of

There was also an email address which probably forwards to them. Someone named Manny was the person at Envision.

I think I also once used the chat at to tell them that I was cancelling. I’m not sure I ever received a reply through that.

Envision was always very anonymous to me. I could never discover who or where they were. Not that it really matters, I was just being curious but recently someone mentioned that they’re in Georgia.

Based on what you posted, it’s most likely you acquired your data plan through a 3rd party reseller, not AT&T. I would go back & look at the paperwork (for both the equipment & the data plan) you were provided at purchase to determine who you need to talk to to resolve the issue.
Tetranz provided some informative information if you purchased the equipment/data plan through Mobile Must Have. Envision is the 3rd part reseller Mobile Must Have has used in the past with AT&T. I believe they are still using them.
T&C’s of agreement with Envision through Mobile Must Have were changed some time ago such that if you consumed more than 500 GB in a monthly billing cycle, you would automatically be cancelled. Is it possible this happened to you?
Good luck & let us know what you find out.