No internet help please

I’m a complete noob to this.
I have a pepwave max br1 mini for my workshop I use a o2 Tesco mobile sim in it. It’s connected to 1 computer via a lan cable and a couple of cameras wirelessly,
It was great to start with but now I have no internet at all, it was coming on and off but now nothing.
I’ve tried a different SIM card and still the same,
I’ve uploaded a photo,
Thanks for your time


I wonder if it is defaulting to O2 APN settings and not Tesco mobile.

Are you able to check the APN settings and see if they are set to

Username: tescowap
Password: password

It may be they will need to be specified manually.

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Thanks Adam
This sorted it perfectly, your knowledge is impressive, thanks again


You’re welcome, glad it worked!

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