No interface from surf-on-the-go


Hello, and Good Day to All.
I have a surf on-the-go for my WiFi repeater, and it’s hard wired to a surf so-ho mk3. The surf so-ho gets internet from Verizon jet pack via. The usb. Everything works great…but I cannot go to the surf on-the-go interface. It has an IP address. By interface I mean web admin. Please any suggestions.


N M.

Problem Resolved…All is well.
Thanks for the input…


What was the solution?


First I did a reset on the Sotg. Instead of being a WiFi repeater, now has it’s own AP, in bridged mode it does exactly what I need.

Verizon JP… Soho MK3…Sotgo…(((((wifi to…IPcam.

Sotg has a flat panel antenna on…300’…IPcam. also with a flat panel antenna. Live streaming and recording works great.