No Contract Cell Plans

Are there any providers that Peplink recommends for the MAX BR1? I’m looking for a no contract plan on the Verizon network. So far I’ve tried Straight Talk and US Mobile but both have told me that they don’t support wireless modems. The rep I spoke with from Straight Talk said that even if I activated my SIM on an Cell Phone / Tablet and then switched it to the modem it would work for only a few days and then stop working. My guess is that this would be the same for other providers? What have people had the most luck with?

– Jake

Consumer Cellular works. That said, this is a bit out of their league so it may take more than one call to their tech support to get it working.

Some folks here have had good luck with Visible. The search feature here is your friend.

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Can’t help with Verizon but just speaking from experience, what I’ve found is most MVNOs in the US don’t have a clue when it comes to LTE modems like Peplink devices. I use PureTalk USA. Its an AT&T MVNO. We have three phones with them. I didn’t even call to ask them if a Peplink router would work as I’d just be wasting my time. I just ordered a SIM, activated a new number on that SIM, and popped the newly activated SIM in my Balance 30 LTE. Everything works fine.

I guess they could shut it down at some point but its working now. Your best bet is to just try it and see how it goes.