No Access InControl2

Trying to get into InControl2. Is it down. It has been six months since I was last in it what has changed?

Enter user and password and nothing happens. Login icon goes grey that is it. After a minute or two graphic pops up “server unknown”

If it is down and Peplink is working on it fine. If I am doing something wrong please let me know.

PS I asked for a new password and got it. Still no change.

Thank you all


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I’m receiving an unknown server error when attempting to log into mars ic2. 3/11/17

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The problem has been fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Thanks Michael. You are the best!

Bruce Wilkinson

Satellite Applications Inc

New York, NY

+1 917 747 3554

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Sorry, we have occuring this error again. What do we need to fix it?

Do you still experience the problem? If yes, can you DM me the error screen and the page’s URL?


Thank you for your reply. The problem has been fixed. I think that it is unexpected error.

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