No 4G when loading 4G sim


UK user running the latest firmware on the HD2 MAX.

I have been using the HD2 MAX for years with great success, I am not overly technical with it (I am only a general surface user) but it has worked fine regardless. However I need it to use my 4G sim, hence the problem below…

I am running a simcard from the 3 network in the UK, it has the widest 4G coverage out of most of the competitors, the sim is a dedicated 3G/4G data sim, however the Peplink will not see the 4G despite it being in a strong 4G area, and only gives the standard 3G option in the control panel? I do not see an option to flag 4G on or off, only 3G? Am I missing something here, I really need to utilise the 4G from this sim…

Any help appreciated

Please raise a support ticket and we’ll investigate the issue.

It sounds like you have a 3G-only version of the HD2 and these are not capable of connecting to 4G LTE networks.