NMEA GPSRMV supporting IMEI reporting


We would like to use GPS Forwarding to track vehicles using our tracking software. However, the carrier we use for cellular connectivity does not offer the concept of a static IP address. The Software we use are using does allow for a unique identifier to be sent in the NMEA GPRMC string.

You offer this functionality today, checking the box “Vehicle ID”. This is limited to four characters and defaults to a portion of the unit serial number. A few problems with this:

a) It is too short. Many pieces of software (such as GpsGate) allow for unique identifiers to be added to the GPRMC, but they must be at least characters and usually not alpha-numeric.
b) It is not guaranteed to be unique.

Many manufacturers are now offering the ability to use the IMEI of the device (which is guaranteed to be globally unique) as the unique ID appended to the GPRMC sentence. I am respectfully asking you consider this.



Would you able to clarify further for the above especially “at least characters and usually not alpha-numeric” ? Usually you will put in what characters for this ?