Next step up from Surf Soho router

I’ve had the Surf Soho router for a year and am quite happy with it, except that download throughput limit is 120 Mbps. What’s the next step up for home user needing 4 LAN ports?

Three candidates that would satisfy your spec:

  1. Balance 20x
  2. Balance One
  3. Balance Two

The latter two do not have cellular WANs, but they support multiple wired WANs.
The Balance 20x supports only one wired WAN.
The former two have built-in access points/Wi-Fi, the Balance Two needs a separate access point.

The Balance One has been around for a while (for good or ill).

If you need only one wired WAN connection then I’d look at the Balance 20X for the next step up.

See B20x vs. Balance One vs. Balance Two for a comparison of the feature sets.



The Balance 20X has a USB port which will accept Ethernet adapters, allowing you to have two wired WAN connections.

Here is a 2017 article on the Ethernet adapters which Peplink supports: