Newbie question(s) reguarding BL-135

I’ve been tasked to find a load balancing, fail-over, aggregating device for my employer. I’m rather new to this level of network sophistication. We have 10 Viasat connections (34D/4U; bridge-mode; DHCP “persistent IP address”; public-IP) due to the location of our facility; fiber should be coming in three months.

I have been looking at the BL-135 device, as it can handle the number of connections at our facility. However, I do have some questions on functionality, and expected behavior due to my own knowledge-gaps.

I’ve attached an over-simplified diagram of our setup, in case my description is unclear. My main hypothetical scenario: The “Remote video access client” wants to review video from our NVR; they would need one of the X public facing IP addresses from the Viasat connections, where X is the number of links setup with proper port-forwarding. For the hypothetical, lets assume X is links 0-3. The “Remote video access client,” connects link-0 to review video; while in session link-0 drops, would the remote user see their connection to our NVR drop, or would the BL-135 perform magic and keep the session alive? I’m guessing the session would be dropped, but the remote user could reconnect using another IP address in links1-3.

Thank you for your time and helping me understand expected behaviors.

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Their session would drop.

For inbound session persistence you really want to be using Speedfusion VPN between your balance router and a cloud hosted virtual appliance. Then the remote video user would connect in via the static public IP of the hosted virtual appliance which would then use any available WAN on the balance. If A wan link failed then the session should be persistent with data routed at a packet levle over an alternate WAN link.

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Hello @jcloud,
Good to see you doing your research, we also recomend you engage with your local authorised Peplink Partner (@MartinLangmaid is in UK, myself in Australia & we both work internationally to help partners). So where in the world are you based and is the system location in the same place?

If you have not already aquired your BPL-1350, consdier also the SXD or SDX Pro (renamed from the EPX Mini) or even the full sized EPX. Once you get your fibre in, are you really going to need all of the Viasat connections?
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Marcus :slight_smile:

Humansville, Missouri - USA. I’ve received a price quote for a BL-135 via email, but not much of a conversation has really taken place. Admittingly, cell phone service while on site as been near zero.

Nothing as been purchased so far, I’m simply in R&D phase on how this would be accomplished (device(s) & technologies needed; costs; good-practices; best-practices). Trying to get a feel for pros/cons of solutions; understand it as best as possible such that I can answer my bosses question’s for him to make the correct choice.

Likely not - certainly not from a bandwidth point of view. My boss will likely want to keep some, if not all for fail-over, either way I can advise him but it’s all his call. Currently we have the ten connections because two other company’s promised fiber but then later backed out leaving my employer in the wind. The ten connections is the stop-gap-solution, but nothing was put in place to aggregate, now I’m tasked to figure it out and make it work.