Newbie question - Peplink Balance e30


I have a network at home - a Demon SDL line and a BT Internet ASDL line. They both come to NetGear Modems, that link to he WAN1 and WAN2 ports of the Balancer. The Balancer links to my Windows Server 2008 server which acts as the firewall.

Since using the balancer, it has taken longer to access a page and often web browsing will fail despite both ASDL lines working. Often pictures in fcebook, for example, do not download.

The overall download speed is as expected, but as I have not altered any other settings on the device, what can I do to improve the performance?




I would open a support ticket up so a technical member can work directly with you to resolve this.

(Commonly with pages not loading all the way, I would check the MTU size. This can be found at Network>WAN 1(2)>Physical Interface Settings).
(Is the issue still there without the Win Server 08)?


Thank you and I will do so. But what size should the MTU be set at?


The MTU value can be different based different ISP and different kind of Internet. Using the Auto MTU in WAN Interface, device will determine the suitable MTU value.