Newbie needs help


I purchased a Pepwave Surf SOHO to provide internet connects in our home. I want to connect my Verison Samsung J7 phone to the router and use its internet connection. When I connect the phone via USB cable, the dashboard on my browser shows that the router does not see, or cannot connect to my phone. It just shows the trying to connect timer thing. I turned on the mobile tether on the phone and it shows good. What am I missing? The USB cable I am using is the one that came with the charger. I am not very familiar with router setups. I just want to use my phone’s internet connection to power up a DVD player and a tablet or two for general use. Any ideas?


Just as a follow up, I tried a different USB cable and watched the dashboard. It said: Device Detected then switched to …Connecting, but it never connects.


Final update: I gave up on the tethering option and switched over to WAN WiFi. All is working fine and the range is excellent.


Just to isolate the issue, may i know the USB tethering work when you connect to a PC ?


Yes sir. When connected to a laptop at the same location, I was able to connect to the internet.



Would you please open a support ticket and allow support team to check on this ? Please follow the guide below to open a support ticket.