Newbie : Multiple IPSec through a Switch ? Virtual IP?

I have a newbie question regarding architecture of IP tunnels, sorry for asking !
I hope it will help other in the future as well.

I have a project where I need to connect 4 outdoor boxes containing PCs together.
1 Box is “the master box” because everything is physically connected to it but all PCs should be able to communicate together.
I need to have secure IP tunnels for everything that runs “outdoor”. There can be a few hundreds meters between boxes and I can’t have someone connect as a “man in the middle”.
The master box will also be connected to a remote office via LTE.

Is it possible to built this kind of network architecture ?
I guess I will need multiple virutal IP on the Peplink router on the same physical port, is that possible ?
The Peplink router I want to use only has 2 or 3 physical ports. Can I use a switch “in front” of it to connect to 4+ location ? Considering all endpoint have a FW that can support IPsec tunnel ?

Thanks for the help !
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Routing between these networks over IPsec seems to be the goal, however the diagram indicates you want the same network to be on both sides of the IPSec VPN.

Normally this is straight forward simple routing, but in this case is it necessary to have the same networks at more than one location? Do the PCs need to communicate at layer 2 or can they communicate with layer 3 routing?

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