Newbie-how do I move current gateway to Peplink?


We use Windstream as our ISP. All computers point to Windstream’s router as our gateway at We’ve added a comcast modem for failover/ expanded bandwidth. If I connect comcast modem to peplink and set peplink IP to all computers can get to internet. But if I connect Windstream router to peplink Balance30, I have an IP address conflict.

Is the only solution to get Windstream router changed to different internal IP address?



If you have a Balance30 with 2 ISP connections:

  1. You should be able to connect each of the ISP modems to the applicable WAN ports of the peplink.
  2. Then select either DHCP or Static for the connection type
  3. The interface IP of the Peplink will need to be different from your ISP routers.
    3a. So you will need to change the interface of the peplink or the Windstream ISP router or put the Windstream into bridge mode to pass the public IP to the balance

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And if I change the interface IP address of the Peplink device, I assume I will need to change the gateway address that all of our workstations are looking for from to the new Peplink IP address, correct?



Depending on your setup. If your machines are statically assigned then yes you will have to change the gateway address manually for each machine otherwise if they are obtaining a IP via DHCP they will pull it automatically.


I have two ISPs, and one is traditional DSL line with DHCP assigned My LAN is 192.168.1.x. Is this a problem as you advised to the original poster? I haven’t noticed any issues when WANs disconnect, but my knowledge in this area is limited.



Essentially a basic setup is: PC>Switch(optional)>Balance>2 ISPs.

For the basic setup described. The connection type for both with be DHCP. Basically the balance WAN1 ip will be obtained from the ISP router. Also the WAN2 IP will be obtained from it’s ISP router.
You can view the IP that they are given if you log into the balance and it will show there IP obtained on the dashboard. They will need to be unique IP’s. For example WAN1 and WAN2

Also, the balance by default will act as the DHCP server. This will hand out IP’s to your PCs on the LAN side. Anything on inside will obtain a IP address via the balance essentially from the DHCP Range. If your PC’s on the inside are setup to obtain a IP address automatically they will pull a IP from the DCHP range defined on the balance. If they are static you will need to manually assign them a IP address that is apart of the DCHP range and then defining the default gateway address to be the LAN IP of the Peplink. **In addition your LAN and WAN will need to be in unique subnets. If you change the LAN interface of balance to this will clear up the issue.
If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise if you are experiencing issues still please open a support ticket and one of our support members will be able to take a closer look at the issue: