Newbie - Dashboard IP does not pickup change

I inherited a client with a PEPLink routerGS-B20, Firmware 7.0.0 build 3310.

The prior admin had the client configured via DYNDNS for remote access. The Dashboard shows an internal IP address on WAN 1 as which is the windows server (non domain mode). We had some level of corruption that it will not handle DNS correctly on that address. I changed the server address to and it fixed the issues on the server. However, I cannot find where to change that IP address of to the new .4 address to re-enable remote access. I have no experience with this device and client has now been down for a day. Trying to track down the DNS issue on the server with old .2 address not viable and the .4 change fixed all issues.

How do I get it to change to the new server address so that it can properly route to the new server address when coming in via DYNDNS. No other changes to the environment either on the server, PEPLink or DYNDNS have been made other than updating the DYNDNS WAN address after ISP made a change. Device had been working fine until 2 days ago.

Login to the web admin of the balance 20, navigate to Network > Inbound Access : Port Forwarding and change the destination IP on the rule you’ll find there.

I thought of doing that but there was never an entry in port forwarding before the issue. Also, not sure what port DYNDNS is on by default though I could probably research. My clients run on sonicwall so this is a bit different for me and not a WAN expert by any means.

Is the dynamic dns name resolving to the WAN IP as expected? If it is then inbound connectivity to a service would require wither single port forwarding or 1:1 NAT.

Check Network > Inbound Access | Nat Mappings to see if that is set pointing to the old IP.

It had been working just fine until the existing internal IP Address on the server had, internal DNS issues. That IP as stated was and shows up in the Dashboard when you look at details for WAN Port 1. Changing that address to fixed the issues on the server but nowhere can I find how to get that updated in the router. As mentioned, there was no port forwarding enabled in the router that I can find prior to this issue.

In the Remote Access screen under Network it shows the address as being associated with WAN Port 1 but I cannot find a way to modify that entry. Simply Enable or Disable.

So confused. The screenshot shows as the IP of the WAN of the Balance. But you said that was the IP of the Windows server that has since been changed to
Can you do a quick sketch showing how everything is currently connected?

I have private messaged you offering to look at this remotely if you can provide me with access.

It won’t let me upload a drawing but here is the layout

1 - ISP connects to PEPLink in the office
2 - DYDDNS is configured in PEPLink for this clients WAN Address
3 - Server has had as the internal IP since a new server was put in 18 month ago.
4 - was old server address prior to my taking over
5 - Remote access has worked with router configured as listed for the last 18 months
6 - appears to have DNS registry corruption so we switched to
7 - I have no idea why shows up under WAN information in Dashboard
8 - shows as the routed address in Remote Access but cannot change it

Please close this case. Spoke with prior vendor who is familiar with the device. It was a 1 in a Million issue that the ISP changed the modem configuration and it assigned an address that matched the server. In short, ISP took modem out of bridge mode and caused the problem. Working with ISP to correct the issue.

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Well done! Glad you got to the bottom of it!