Newbie curiosity re throughput on Pepwave Surf SOHO

So I understand Peplink offers higher-tier models if one wants more Mbps out of their ISP. I’m simply curious about the how/why on the Pepwave Surf SOHO’s (MK3) throughput being set at 120 Mbps. I gather that this is a hardware rather than a software thing.

Just curious in a friendly way about that. Would having a higher throughput require hardware that’s much more expensive? Does limiting the throughput assist in some technical way with router connection stability or the like? Is Peplink/Pepwave considering raising the throughput in some MK4 model in the future? ISPs offer faster and faster speeds these days…


We don’t artificially limit the throughput and the rating is based on the hardware capabilities of the device itself. Future models will undoubtedly have higher throughput based on using more powerful internal components but this means the selling price will probably need to go up as well. Thanks

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