[Newbie] Admin access issues


I have set the Admin access to LAN only and https, but when hardwired into the router the browsers denies the https connection and defaults to http. I can log into the router fine.

Also, after logging into the router wifi and disconnecting the Ethernet I can still log in. Is this normal? I’m assuming that denying the remote admin login applies to other networks outside mine.


That’s not expected - assume you clicked apply after making those changes?

That is expected. By default all LANs/VLANs have access to web admin unless you specifically limit access to a single Subnet/VLAN


Thanks Martin. I do hit Apply after saving changes. Basically, my goal is to only allow admin login via Ethernet over https. Is that needed if I am connected via Ethernet?

How can I limit access to a single Subnet/Vlan? or like a single computer?

Thanks. Still learning…



OK. So you need to:

  1. Add a new VLAN/Subnet that will be used by the WiFi clients
  2. Set the SSID to use the VLAN ID of that new subnet
  3. Restrict Web Admin Access to the untagged LAN and enable HTTPS.


Thanks Martin, I will give this a try…Cheers.


I just wanted to say thanks Martin. I got it to work. I literally spent all day wrapping my head around everything, but what better way to learn. These routers are pretty solid. Cheers!