New VZW hotspot plans

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Was hoping that Verizon would eliminate data caps on post-paid plans, that didnt happen. :cry: But at least there are more plan choices beyond 30GB.

There also seems to have been some compatibility issues addressed with enrollment on postpaid data plans. Previously any Peplink IMEI’s were only offered the 15GB plan…and to get 30GB Unlimited Plus required “workarounds”… Now the BYOD IMEI check offers all of the available plans for CAT18 Peplink IMEI! :slight_smile:


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A couple weeks ago I stopped by a Verizon store and tried to purchase the 150 GB prepaid plan. They asked for what device and I said currently a Netgear Nighthawk, probably eventually a Peplink. They said it won’t work on it. Is that true? I thought T-Mobile was full of it when they said the same thing, got it to work for about a month, but then they made a change so their 5G plan stopped working on the Netgear. What the heck are we supposed to use then?

The site seems to confirm, saying “Verizon Mobile Hotspot plans are compatible with the latest 5G Ultra Wideband-capable and 4G LTE devices offered by Verizon, including the Inseego MiFi M2100 5G UW and the Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L.”

I had to get an Inseego temporarily to get my T-Mobile 5G 100GB sim to work until I get Peplink gear, and I hate that thing – no ethernet port, it constantly beeps and wants me to disconnect it from power, only for it to die within hours if it’s unplugged.

All the third party unlimited plans that use Verizon and T-Mobile also require you buy their crap consumer devices. So what the heck are all the Peplink owners using??

There are some resellers that allow you to BYOD, “bring your own device” although that seems easier to find for AT&T and T-Mobile than Verizon. Nobody outside the business seems to know what the plans really are or if they are legitimately intended for routers. “It stopped working so they had to send me a new SIM” is an experience frequently reported on various forums in relation to resellers.

I know one reseller selling an “unlimited” Verizon SIM, BYOD for $125 per month. FAQ asks you to keep monthly usage below 2 TB.

I know another selling “Unlimited hotspot service” on Verizon for $55 per month where “unlimited” means 200 GB and they “Work with most Verizon hotspots and compatible 4G LTE routers”. I’m pretty sure it’s just a Page Plus phone SIM that anyone can buy from Walgreens etc. They have the same thing for AT&T and it appears to be Net10. They sell these both on their own site and on eBay. The eBay listings even say Page Plus and Net10 as the “brand”. They have 99.7% positive feedback with over 12,000 reviews so I guess something works.

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I have both the pre-paid and post-paid Verizon hotspot plans and have used them on CAT12, CAT18, and CAT20/5G Peplink products. I’ve also used them in the Netgear Nighthawk 5G.

I did have to use the iOS/Android app to purchase the plans versus doing it online. Verizon’s address picker has been broken off and on for a while if you’re trying to create a new account.

Early on, their IMEI verification failed for CAT18 and CAT20 stuff, but that was at least a month or longer ago.


@Steve_Mitchell Good to hear, I might pick up a pre-paid to try it out then, until I get an unlimited one sorted.

@tetranz I PM’d you for that reseller if you care to share, thanks!

I just bought a setup through Mr. Pitts, and I think he’s going to have a couple plan recommendations too. Fingers crossed it improves things – I’ve been using the Inseego and Netgear with T-Mobile with Speedify/Connectify and it’s been a nightmare since we arrived at our new semi-rural home Halloween night.