new Verizon business LTE plans

I noticed today there are new Verizon Business LTE Internet plans similar to the ATT Business internet LTE plans now:

They have a bring your own router option, but I haven’t checked my pepwave IMEIs yet.

plans look bad. for example, the first one, data is deprioritized after 25gb! the second plan is 50, the third is 150gb. not too mention the 300gb cap.

edit: darn, looks like at&t re-did their plans and they are similar.

I was thinking the priority data would be ahead of other traffic until you hit that threshold, as I think the consumer data I have is already deprioritized. But I’m not sure. Would be very curious if someone runs one of these plans side by side with a consumer data plan to see how data speed compares.

It’s better than the consumer VZN plan:

Consumer: 150GB of data, 50GB prioritized for $110
Business: 300GB of data, 50GB prioritized, capped at 25mbps for $100

Sadly their IMEI checker won’t accept either of my Max Transit Duo IMEIs. :confused:

Hi @erutan. Interesting. I think I’d submit a ticket for that issue so the nice folks at Peplink can resolve it.

For what it’s worth. In looking at my Verizon account I can upgrade to 150GB for $68.00/mos plus taxes (see screen shot). While I’ve not upgraded to this plan (I use Verizon as a backup to AT&T), I have been very satisfied when I do use it. I use Verizon as the carrier for my phones (consumer account).

I have multiple Verizon SIMs installed in a variety of ‘data only’ devices. Not withstanding the SIM size, all are interchangeable with any device. If you have an active ‘data only’ Verizon SIM, I suspect it will work in another device.

I have also attached a link to ‘devices certified for use on the Verizon network’. I would try to get with Verizon 2nd level support for assistance, assuming your device is on the list.

What is your base plan?

The premium plan is $110 standalone, $80 with a consumer smartphone plan (we’re on ATT), you must have a lot of lines or something to drop it to $68.

We are currently running the premium plan in our Max Transit Duo and aren’t looking to move it to another device, I just saw that the business plan actually looks better than what we currently have. I ran the IMEI checker for it and both modems came back as unsupported as opposed to the consumer plan where they pass.

The Max Transit Duo is supported in their device showcase, but hardware support can vary between plans. Since the 3G sunset Peplink products are now blacklisted on ATT consumer plans, but supported on their business plans (which honestly makes more sense than the other way around). I posted a thread on that but I got lost in the two weeks of data loss recently: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

I have two cellular phones on consumer plans from Verizon. My phone is on the ‘Above Unlimited’ plan as I use it for business. My wife’s phone is on a lesser plan. I also have 4 Verizon data only SIMs used to supplement our 3rd party AT&T plans for our data only devices (used for business). These Verizon SIMs, along with the phone plans are eligible for a Veteran’s discount offered by Verizon. I think they also offer a senior discount.
For cellular phone service, I think Verizon is hard to beat. Have tried others & have found their coverage to be lacking. For data only, I believe AT&T is marginally better. These are subjective opinions/observation based on how I use my phones & hardware.
I recently acquired a BR1 PRO (the 4G version). My Verizon & AT&T SIMs (from a MAX Transit CAT-18) were installed into it (after making them the correct size) with out any real issues. I had a few connection issues with the AT&T 3G sunset switch over. It was resolved quickly with the application of the latest firmware. There were no issues with the Verizon SIM.
The AT&T plan is one I have been using for 2+ years from a 3rd party reseller (we have two we use in our business). I have no idea what plan it is or if it’s a commercial or a consumer plan. It just works.

Verizon has better phone coverage overall, but they have the worst customer service in my experience - they charged a plan as being active before they even mailed a SIM and my partner still can’t manage her premium hotspot account after 6+ months (they refuse to mail out the code she needs to login, and won’t give it out over the phone though she was able to set up autopay over the phone). ATT is a nice mix of price, data, and coverage that works for the areas I’m in.

We’re also running an ATT Business Plan & 100GB TMO postpaid plan in our Max Transit Duo at the moment. Given my partner needs to make business VOIP calls we’ve stayed away from third party SIMs as they can get cancelled without notice - sounds like you’ve had a good run with yours!

I understand your reluctance associated with 3rd party plans.
With regards to Verizon & their customer service. I can appreciate your frustration with them.
If you can get to Verizon’s 2nd level support, they can be helpful.