New Verizon and ATT SIM *proper config, but still seeing some issues*

I have had a couple Verizon SIM’s and ATT SIM’s and they work fine in my CAT 18 Max transit. I recently purchased a VZW and ATT SIM from a reseller that apparently has 500GB cap’s…or better. I figured I would try those. I received the SIM’s and popped them in.

Verizon comes up just fine, Connects to LTE/-A however, No internet access. I tried adjusting the TTL to 115 per resellers notes and then I was able to receive ICMP responses from various tests to the internet, but still no web pages will load. No changes were made from previous vzw SIM’s to this one.

ATT will not connect and sit at “obtaining IP address”, which is usually what happens if you have a bad/wrong APN setting. So I forced it to “broadband” which worked on all other ATT SIM’s and this still fails. I assume it would be an activation issue at this point? I plan on getting back with the reseller on the next business day.

Any thoughts on why verizon would still not work even thought it connected? MTU is 1428 which is usual, and in the past I left the TTL to auto and it just worked.


VZW works now. Had to change MTU from 1428 to 1427 then set TTL to 115. Maybe congestion on the tower maybe?

ATT will work eventually, reseller said activation is not automatic and he has to take an extra step once it’s active on my pepwave.