New user help - outbound not working

After watching hours of youtube I thought I had it, but it is not working.
Goal: Have my computer use Speedfusion for everything but streaming.

The only way I can get my computer to use speedfusion is by setting it up in the “SpeedFusion Cloud → Connect Clients to Cloud”
And if I do that, no exceptions kick in. I watch youtube and I can see my data shrinking.
So I remove that and add my computer to the outbound using MAC. When I do that, Speedfusion never kicks in. What the heck am I doing wrong?

Hmm. Nothing on first look. Assuming the MAC address you are using is the right one for the device you’re on. If you look at status clients does the MAC address check out?

Try setting the rule to source ANY destination any just to verify it works then look to limit the sources devices next.

So what I did was change the destination to Any. Chose Priority for the algorithm, then place SFC at the top of the list. That works.
But then I set up the exception for streaming. But the only way to choose an application you have to use the destination as speedfusion. I then make the WAN primary on the priority list, and yup, all streaming eats up my data.
PS THe mac is correct I copy/paste from the status

Windows 10 PC? Does it have randomized Mac addresses enabled?

Apologies. Saturday afternoon and I didn’t look closely enough.
To mange simple applications (those that can be identified by single port (or port range) or by destination server ip). you can used the destination IPs / Ports on the device web ui.

For more complex applications (that use multiple server ips and ports) you can use outbound policies in InControl2 - this pushes complex, maintained, rulesets down to your device for SaaS apps like zoom, O365/teams, Salesforce and lifesize.

The application list you see when the destination is set to a SpeedFusion VPN connection, lets you optimise traffic for those applications that you are sending over SpeedFusion - so you can apply advanced techniques like wan smoothing or forward error correction to them.

What you want to do is create a generic rule to send all via SpeedFusion, then above that add a new set of outbound polcies to catch all traffic associated with youtube. @Rokas_Musteikis made a list here that seems to work: Outbound rule for youtube video - #2 by Rokas_Musteikis

Ok, that makes sense!
Is there a way I can see if traffic is going through the SpeedFusion, easier than refreshing every few seconds on the Dash Board?
Anyway I added two rules and put them before my computer (the only machine on right now). I can’t tell if it is working, it looks like not. Maybe I have to add them all?

I will add them all, cause those two are not working

Adding them all worked! Now to find the list for dropbox and I am done…
Thank you SO very much :slight_smile:

Glad its working!
If you go and look at Status > active sessions you can see the sessions and which direction they are going in…

Start with a dns outbound policy for

Firewall guides are useful for services like this where you need to know what they need to work eg: