New to Pepwave: Priorities?

I’m a new Pepwave user with a MAX Transit CAT-18. I have two options for connectivity and I have no preference other than using the best one available at the time. What is the difference between these two, and what is preferred to get the best performance?

The second one makes sense to me, but what is it doing if they are all in the same priority? I’m guessing this is a very basic question but after doing a lot of reading I still don’t really know. Thanks for the pointers!

Hi! Welcome to the forum! I’m a big fan of the CAT18 Transit - good choice :slight_smile:

In the first image outbound traffic to the internet is being load balanced across all the healthy available links set to Priority 1.

In the 2nd image, all outbound traffic is being sent out via Cellular only. If cellular were to fail (it shows red when unhealthy) then the two WIFI WAN connections will kick in.

You can change how multiple active WAN links are used when available (ie your first image) in the outbound policy page on the Transit. With the choice of these methods


I have read so many of your posts this feels like a brush with fame – thanks for responding. I hadn’t seen anything like what you linked to, so that’s a really helpful link. I’ll do some experimenting to see what works best in my situation.

I’m really loving the Transit so far, an upgrade from a Netgear Nighthawk M1. I’m a bit over my head with all of the configuration possibilities with it, so I’m leaving much of it as is. If you have any basic recommendations that can’t be skipped, I’d love another link. Thanks!

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Ha! I do get about a bit - thanks for taking the time to do some reading!

One of the greatest strengths of the MAX firmware is that it goes very deep with lots of ways it can be configured depending on your requirements and the available connectivity. Everyone, everywhere will want to use their connectivity in a different way.

My recommendation is always to just start using it, and then come back here to ask questions as and when you need answers.


Hopefully, not intruding too much in this thread… But it is the same scenario I am trying to cover as somebody new to Pepwave… No purchase yet, as wanting to ensure it will do what I need/want.

I am considering the the BR1 MK2.

The load balancing link provided was very useful. Am I correct in assuming that I con figure the router to use WiFi WAN if available, then if that is not available use Cellullar Sim #1, and if that is not available then use Cellular Sim #2.

And that “not available” is configurable itself to use a “ping”, “dns”, etc test. I would only need a single test type for all WAN options.



Hi Allan - welcome to the forum!

Yes you are right on all fronts. In the dashboard priority you would set wifi wan first then cellular.
In the cellular settings page you would chose SIM priority. Job done.

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On the priority theme… Is it possible to configure such that a given interface or IP is only routed over Wifi WAN and not over cellular? While other interfaces/IPs will be routed over Wifi WAN or Cellular (which ever is up)?

I am thinking a use case where one device is an IP camera. The intention would be that would only be routed, due to its high payload, when Wifi WAN is available. So as to not max out the SIM card data limit.



Yes that is possible.