New to Peplink: Balance 30 Pro in the mail

Hi to all,

Semi-rookie here. I presently have a dual wan setup in a remote second house with several IoT devices which I monitor from outside, and some of them require to forward ports to their LAN IP’s in order to use them (that’s ok for me, I don’t want to bother with VPNs).

WAN 1: Microtik SXT LTE6 modem in bridge mode (with public IP)
WAN 2: ADSL modem in bridge mode
Dual router: Linksys LRT224

the LRT224 has two different dyndns setup for the two connections, and it’s in fail-over mode with priority to WAN1.

My problem is that the ADSL is very bad, slow (10/1) and unreliable.
The LTE is decent (30/15) but changes during the day, and also sometimes drops to reconnect seconds later.
The aging LRT224 in failover mode keeps jumping between the two connections as it detects a problem, with 2 minutes to complete the transition.
I cannot use the LRT224 in load balance mode because I’ll never know which of the two dyndns will be assigned to which of the LAN devices. I need one dyndns for all of the devices at all times.

So I did some reading and thought of buying the Balance 30 Pro, hoping to:

  • combine the speed of the two internet connections I have for all the users of the LAN
  • have a sort of a “hot mode” to compensate when one of the connections go off, I don’t want users to know when one or the other drops for a couple seconds.
  • combine also the third LTE connection of the LTE modem of the Balance 30 Pro, using an external antenna.
  • have one single dyndns whether any of the combinations of the three connections is working.

Did I make the right choice with the Balance 30 Pro? Will I be able to achieve these goals?
Will I need to purchase or setup anything extra, like Speed Fusion Cloud?
What if I want to setup a fourth connection, such us another Microtik modem aimed at another antenna with a different provider, or a Starlink, how will I do that since the two WAN ports of the Balance 30 Pro will be already all occupied. And will I need a public IP for this last LTE connection, as now it’s hard to be assigned one? Who updates the dyndns in this setup ?

Thank you so much for your precious help.