New to Peplink and wireless broadband connections

We are currently using two PepLink MAX BR1’s in a Zero Tunnel private APN for a proof of concept. We want to connect several remote sites in a hub and spoke (star) type of configuration. In this POC we will start with the main hub and 1 remote site. Each device can talk ping one another in the Zero Tunnel through the cellular side. However we don’t want to talk to the entire subnet on the LAN side of the remote site but just one web server port. The edge ip subnet is not the same to where we need to see that web portal but the subnets are routed. Ideas? Heck we can start basic… connect the two networks together and go from there.

Surely if its a proper multi-operator private APN purely for your own use then you don’t need hub and spoke at all - just port forward from the cellular WANs to the LAN side web servers.

Can all the BR1 LANs be uniquely addressed? If so the other way would be a hosted FusionHub appliance as the hub and get all the BR1s to build a PepVPN to that, then you could route to any LAN IP address.

I suppose really we should start at the requirements here and design from there. eg do you really need a private APN, how many remote end points?, are you using multiple network operators, can the LAN subnets be unique or do they all have to be the same etc