New to me MAX BR1

I bought a boat with an existing MAX BR1 installed. I am not very tech savvy and I know nothing about the system including the WIFI password. If I get a new SIM card for service and install it will I be able to reset the password or will I still be locked out?

Ask the seller for the password? Or follow the password reset instructions in the manual. SIM has nothing to do with password.

There are a few steps you can take if the seller does not provide the information you need.

Before adding your SIM card to the unit (or otherwise connecting it to the world):

  1. Do a factory reset (that removes all the customization, including the Wi-Fi network configurations). The default SSID and Wi-Fi password are on a tag on the bottom of the device.
  2. Log into the device using the default SSID/PW and then the default administrator username/password (on the tag, again).
  3. Go to the System tab and then the InControl pane. There disable the Controller. This just in case the seller used InControl, which would allow the seller to access your system (and would also most likely keep you locked out of the router itself).

Now you can proceed to configure the device (install SIM card etc.). If you want to use InControl (which is a very useful remote management system) then create an account ( and add your device’s serial number. If the previous owner did not use IC2, or removed the device from their IC2 account then ths will work. If IC2 tells you that he device s already registered then you have to get the previous owner to deregister it. Once registered you enable the router for InControl access using the System>InControl pane.

You may also want o read the BR1 manual. You’ll find the one for your BR1 model at

Have fun.


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