New T1 line connection problems


I have a Peplink20 (5.4.7 build 1648). Cable Modem connected to WAN1 and DSL modem connected to WAN2. I have a small VOIP system with an average 2-3 concurrent calls. Cable modem handles internet and VOIP without issue, until it goes down, The DSL cannot carry calls clearly (I kinda knew this before hand but it was initially the only option.

Recently my company had a T1 installed to handle the VOIP system. Cable modem will still be on WAN1 with the T1 on WAN2. I am having a problem getting the Peplink to connect to the router. It is a ubigate ibg1000. External pings are successful from the router to so I at least no the T1 is live. E 0/0 is configured to address ( If I set the WAN2 address to, the router say there is an IP conflict. I have tried setting the address to something else within the range without success. Status = WAN failed PING test

I feel link i am missing something very simple in my configuration. Should I change the Ethernet 0/0 address to something completely different (simpler)? If you need any more about the setup please feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance to any help.

PS I am very happy with my Peplink20. :up: After the most recent firmware update, I am very happy with the PPTP ability for remote support.

If E 0/0 on the T1 router is configured for, there would be a conflict with WAN2 configured as the same IP address. You should be able to use another IP address within the range, but make sure the default gateway for WAN2 is pointing to (T1 Router).

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Ron - I knew the answer was staring me in the face. I decided to change the internal e 0/0 address to something less cryptic during testing. I was able to then assign to the peplink 20. After applying, I am able to ping the 0.1 address and the T1 external IP (tracert with 1 hop) but the WAN test still fails.

I will be testing net traffic when i get to the site by pulling the cable from WAN1 and testing fail over. Should I just set up monitoring to ping the external T1 address instead of DNS lookup on

Thanks for your help. My next task will be to route all VOIP traffic thru T1 and internet thru cable modem.

I would recommend looking into this further. A DNS lookup is more thorough and it uses less resources. If you are able to resolve DNS names from the T1 router this should be possible.

Routing all of your VoIP traffic through the T1 and internet through the cable modem is no problem. Simply create outbound policy rules under Network> Outbound Policy. Using the “Priority Algorithm” will allow you to fail over to the secondary WAN link.

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So it seems that not all is well.

I have what looks to be a good communication between devices, but still no internet response or DNS checks working.
I can ping from the ubigate T1 router with a response.
I can ping from the ubigate T1 router with a response
I can ping from inside the Peplink with response
After unplugging the WAN1 interface on the Peplink, I am not able to ping any internet address.

Internet <AA.BB.CC.22> Router <> <> Peplink <>

I have a single static route on the ubigate of AA.BB.CC.21
Do I need a route for the reverse communication back to the network?

Why are you NATing on the ubigate router? This just creates a double NAT environment and is not needed. Since you have a block of static IP’s, you should assign one to the WAN 2 interface on the Peplink.

You should be able to configure the ubigate with and then configure WAN 2 on Peplink with with a default gateway of and it should work just fine.

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I have made the above changes unsuccessfully. This evening I will be removing the Peplink from the equation and setting up a laptop with a direct connection. (I don’t expect any change in outcome as I don’t think my Balance20 is the issue :slight_smile: )

Current Setup is as follows (per information provider order)

XXX.135.199.22 ppp0 IP address < Ubigate > e0 IP address – WAN2 peplink interface < Peplink >

Another option will be to swap the Ubigate with a Cisco 2600 router and T1 Card with the same configuration. Provider assistance and documentation is minimal.

It sounds like you are on the right track testing this with a PC. Let us know your test results.

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Last night I connected a laptop directly to the T1 router (ubigate) without success. IP addresses as below

XXX.135.199.22 ppp0 IP address < Ubigate > e0 IP address – en0 on laptop

ip route of XXX.135.199.21

I can ping 232.29 and even telnet directly into it. Pinging 199.22 or even 199.21 was unsuccessful. My next step will be to swap out the ubigate with a Cisco router and T1 WIC. So frustrating

Ron/Tim -

I want to thank you for your time. After calling the vendor and working with them. They logged into the ubigate from their side to verify LAN IP address. I was given the wrong information of while it was in fact supposed to be

Peplink now shows a green status for DNS Lookup checks. Thanks again for your help.

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Thank you for the update James. Getting the wrong information can be very frustrating, but now you have a better WAN2 connection. Enjoy your Balance 20!

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